Biomass Energy

Estimates indicate that a significant proportion of current electricity generation in 16 Eastern and Southern African countries could be met by bagasse-based cogeneration in the sugar industry.Our proven Biomass Cogeneration plants uses agricultural residue, e.g., bagasse (biomass residue from sugar cane production) as primary fuel. This approach allows sugar mills and other biomass generating industries to be energy independent, while at the same time export energy to the grid. This approach reduces greenhouse gases due to displacement of CO2 emissions from electricity generation by other sources (displacement of grid electricity); and avoidance of CH4 emissions from uncontrolled burning or decay of biomass. These projects also qualify for CDM Credits benefits.

Quaint is the partner of choice for Gasification to Power & Steam of:
- Wood Waste
- Bagasse
- Biomass Waste
- Municipal Solid Waste
- Project Development
- EPC Construction

Quaint and its strategic partners have proven leadership in the above facets of wind power project development and engineering. Think Sustainability, Think Quaint, the partner of choice with individuals, institutions, communities, governments and other businesses for Clean, Cost Effective Biomass energy solutions. .

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