Solar,Thermal & Photovoltaic

In Africa -- where more than 95 percent of homes have no access to electricity -- solar energy has the power to transform lives, contribute to energy security and industrial growth. There is enough solar power hitting one square km of Africa's deserts to produce the equivalent of 1.5 million barrels of oil or 300000 tons of coal.

Quaint Energy is the partner of choice for the most cost effective solar thermal and photovoltaic solutions. Our professionals design and build high-efficiency projects that provide our customers with maximum return on their investments. Our focus areas in solar includes:

- Large scale grid connected Solar Farms
- Solar energy provider servicing large scale commercial, government and
institutions - Commercial Lighting Products
- Solar Water Heaters
- Solar Water Pumps

We are ready to assist you with solar energy solutions ranging from equipment and services to full turn-key power projects. Let Quaint be your complete solutions provider for all your solar energy needs. . .

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