The world demands a reliable supply of clean, affordable and sustainable energy. No single technology or company can meet these demanding energy requirements in every place and every situation. That's why at Quaint, we believe in the power of our people and partners to help address this global challenge. We pride ourselves as a sustainable energy company recognized for its people, partnership and performance.

From training to alternative selections, turnkey EPC projects to ongoing operations, Quaint Energy and its partner experts put its customers on the right path to renewable energy and improved financial performance. Our solutions mission is simple: “Work with our clients in identifying the right sized integrated solutions, which is sustainable, with emphasis on cost reduction, speed of execution and low environmental foot print” Our turnkey delivery solutions are:

- Design-through-installation, of renewable energy projects and solutions

- Complete range of EPC services and solutions

- Project analysis and Planning

- Design and engineering

- Project development

- Training & Consulting

- Construction & construction management

- Financing

- Procurement & Logistics

- Post-installation Operations and Evaluation of renewable energy assets.

The solutions we develop are based on our deep knowledge of the market and energy technologies available. As an independent developer, we scour the marketplace to find the most reliable and trusted partners, who are capable of bringing state-of-the-art technology and value to our projects and customers.

At Quaint Energy, we provide experts. We use best in class technology and Partners. Wea‘re skilled, trained and motivated, with expertise in proven sustainable energy solutions. When we do what we do best, everyone else can do theirs. Ita‘s as simple as that!

Contact us today for solutions that will bring your sustainable energy strategy to life and realize its benefits. .

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