Who We Are

Quaint Energy manages the build of financeable assets from start-to-finish.


Every step of the process—acquisition, development, construction, financing, operations, and asset management—is done with a commitment to reduce climate change and make an ESG impact that will lead us to a better future.

Quality and Expertise

Deep expertise and strategic industry relationships let us target high-quality, balanced-risk investments for our investors.


We develop investments that align with your values. Our investments are built with your environmental, social, and governance considerations in mind.

Unparalleled Support

We bring financing support to our projects through our relationship with Monarch Private Capital. Since inception, Monarch has placed nearly $1 billion transferable credits in the marketplace without recapture.

Help to Make Smart Decisions

Our world-class team generates success for developers, lenders, sponsors, and investors through our rock-steady relationships, commitment to integrity, and hard-earned experience.

The Quaint Energy Team

Richard Andersen

Financial Auditor

Charlotte Miller

Chief Financial Officer

John Qiong

Senior Management Consultant

Katherine Meyer

Investment Strategist / Finance Executive

Stella Cheng

Senior Investment Analyst

Jan Bakker


Jeffrey Kelson

Engineering Intern

Omar Pilcher

VP, Asset Operations & Engineering

Cleta Harvey

Director of Legal Services

Kyle Edwards

Investment Associate

Ernest Morse

Project Analyst

Crystal S. Luken

General Counsel

Roger Avila

Investment Associate

Carla Lambright

Senior Accountant

Andrea Mills

VP, Acquisitions & Development

Sandra Mills

Administration Assistant

Herman Conner

Manager of Asset Operations

Leslie Huff

Solar Engineer

Rory Hutchinson

Investment Associate

Christal Cohen

Asset Management Analyst

Eden Finch

Construction Manager